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Are you ready to move to a new location? If the answer is yes, then you must waste no time in contacting the reliable Agarwal Movers and Packers Delhi to get started with your work in full swing. I know you will be required to face challenges in first place but you do not need to worry at all when a genuine company is standing by your side.

Let us first talk about how you can select such a company, who is ready to formulate your shift work like a pro. You will find many fraud packers and movers companies out there who have crafted themselves to loot money and stuff from their customers. Their main motive is to make a fool of you so that they can run away with your belongings under your nose. If the company is an authentic one, then there is no need to worry at all. They will provide you with the correct contact details about them, which include their phone number, office address, social media channels and the link to their official website. Do check each one of them very minutely.

Another thing to keep in mind while selecting the moving company is to notice how they execute the entire work of the shifting process. Once you have the details of the company, pay them a surprise visit to see how they actually work. If the company is fake, you will find not even a bird on their given address. But, on the other hand, if the company is genuine, you will find their staff members working with complete dedication in formulating the shift work of other clients in full swing with dignity and dedication. They know how to do the work as they have received proper training regarding the same. In the sessions, they learn how to deal with an international move and a local move. For the same purpose, the company has curate different teams so that they do not clash between each other and the work keeps on moving on the right track as per the client has wished to be done.

This point is valid and should not surprise us by now you must have got familiar with the type of work the company does for valuable customers like you. Packers and Movers Delhi provides world-class packing to your goods in order to provide complete protection to them. None of your articles will face damage from any possible corner, no matter if the item is of solid nature or fragile one. This is because the company wraps around the material several times. By doing this, your goods feel safe and sound till the time they get relocated to the desired destination as set by the customer. It is assured that your goods will be delivered to you in the safest position so that you can trust the company completely and rest you can rely on them for sure. Make a wise choice by selecting the best packing and moving company in the logistics business so that you face no issues in getting your dear belongings getting relocated with dignity.

Plan your move with best and trusted packers and movers

Professional movers and movers in Chennai are the companies who provide relocation services like residential relocation, corporate relocation, local household shifting, car transportation, commercial move, and warehouse move. We are very experts in packing and moving tasks and to make the process simpler and easier. Also, we will help the people in nationwide and local shifting. Some of them will help on international relocation.

There are a number of packers and movers or moving solutions in Chennai to choose which one is good. So choosing the right service provider is imperative for hassle-free and self relocation services.  If you are looking for services of trusted, right, insured and trusted packers and movers in Chennai; Agarwal packers and movers are the best packers all over India. We can provide you free relocation services at your preferred budget.


Local shifting: Hence you are planning to shift your office from one place to other. Shifting office goods, furniture, and other things is a difficult process for people. It is better to hire Agarwal packers and movers in Chennai for your new office.

International Moving: You are planning to move from Chennai to U.S., handling international relocation alone is not a good idea at all. It can be of stressful and traumatic. It is better to give this to the relocation company which takes entire responsibility in shifting all your international moving without any damages and delay.

Domestic Relocation: Are you relocating from Chennai to Bangalore? Are you looking for the best relocation services in Chennai? So hiring Agarwal packers and movers is the best company in hiring all your domestic relocation services without any hurdles and hassles to the customers. It will save you time and money.

Car Transportation: You want to relocate your bike or car; you cannot drive your vehicle for long-distance. So it is better to take the help of professionals. APM is the reliable packer which provide you a significant service for transporting your bike and car from Chennai to Bangalore.


Transportation Services – Agarwal Packers and Movers

Transportation service refers to any type of vehicle that you want to carry goods from one location to another. It can be of car and bike. The company which provides private transportation services is called transportation service. Agarwal will provide simple, efficient and reliable moving services for shipping the materials.

Agarwal packers and movers will offer excellent transportation services to clients. These services are separated by using high-class techniques under the guidance of trained professionals. Also, these are approved by our customers and it provides safety to vehicles within a short period of time.

Ours is a Service Oriented Company with trust and focuses on providing customer satisfaction. We have fleets of more than 50 containers for shifting vehicles and we promise that we will provide safe and scratch-free delivery of all the shipping goods. Further, we have branches in all major cities, as well as we will provide prompt services to clients anywhere in India.

Car transportation:  Transporting your car from one place to another is not a simple task. Whereas, a car is an expensive vehicle, so everybody loves it. Small damage to a car will cause a big loss. Car transport services are available with Agarwal packers and movers.  We have special car containers to transport your car to your desired location. We are specially designed for the safe carriers for a car used for transporting.

Our company will offer car transportation services at an affordable price and transported without any scratches. The staff members will pick your car from the customer’s home or office and delivered it to the given address. Moreover, our team members will check if there is any leakage of fluid from the car, all the parts are removed and after the delivery, we will again assemble the parts of a car safely and securely.

Bike Transportation: Vehicle shifting is always a risk. If your new place is not within the driving range, then your bike should be moved with you. Unless you want to sell it and buy another one after you settle in your new home. So it is better to take your bike with you. Agarwal packers and movers will help you in relocating your bike from one place to another.

We will shift your bike carefully to your destination without any damage. Our staff members are very talented and hard-working in all types of shifting services. It is considered as bike moving is faster and more efficient. While traveling you should be careful while transporting the bike to prevent risk and damage-free shipping. Finally, Agarwal Packers and movers Hyderabad are the best in transport services.

Experts in Relocation Services -Agarwal Packers and Movers

Experts in Relocation Services -Agarwal Packers and Movers

This company founded in 1984 and it is the best in relocation services. Packers and movers will depend on multiple parameters like the number of household goods, quality of packing material and, distance. With the help of goods volume, we will assume the size of a container and, transportation cost. The price of the packing material depends upon the amount of packing material used. They will fix the price based on the goods, how they packed. Safe packing will prevent from damage-free relocation.

Shifting from one location to another location is a big hassle. So it is better to choose Agarwal packers and movers to relocate all your goods from Bangalore to Hyderabad. It is reliable packers and movers which provides the best service in relocation. Our company is a leader in providing relocation and moving solutions to corporate, government and, consumers.

We are having dedicated staff and many shifting experts for relocation throughout India. Our company has so many branches like Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, Pune, Raipur, and more. Their packing is excellent and they will pack the goods very nicely and loaded into a container and will be delivered at your door-step.

This company is approved by ISO Certified and IAM (International Association of Movers) members. Home relocation is common and less expensive. It is moving from one location to another location. Corporate relocation means it will provide relocation and moving solutions to the MNC companies, consumers, corporate companies, financial institutes and, public sector companies.

Apart from that, Agarwal packers and movers have enough space for your goods in the godowns. We will provide safe warehousing facilities to store your goods and we have 24/7 hours CCTV monitoring, pest control, fire control and, other services. Household relocation means they will pack your crockery or electronic items separately in a perfect box to prevent damage and delivered to you without having any delay.

Looking for Packers and Movers?

Agarwal packers and movers are the No#1 in moving solutions in the market. It is an expert in providing household moving and furniture services at competitive prices. We are a trusted and reliable packers and Movers Company all over India.

Are you looking for good packers and movers services?

Agarwal is a good packer for shifting all types of moving services. We have a professional team of workers and they will try our level best to shift the goods and packed in a safe manner. Our main aim is to deliver quality service at a competitive price with the latest technology. We focus only on quality, service and time of execution.

APM had many years of experience in corporate office relocations. Our team members and staff are well-trained and professional in offering an excellent office or workplace moving solutions. We offer a complete suite of relocation and moving services. They will talk with the customers in a polite way, helping nature and well-qualified. No moving project is too large and too small, whereas when it comes to the safety of your valuable products and packing of goods to make its safety.

There are many packers and movers which provide excellent services but some of them charge a very high amount. But Agarwal packers and movers are the best packers and charge very less amount for relocating. Our company will use the modern technique in packing to ensure that your delicate items will arrive in the top condition.

They are providing service globally, they will also take care of your cargo and deliver them safe and on time. The main aim is customer support and satisfaction. Their warehouses are technologically safe, under CCTV surveillance and hence absolutely safe for storage. They are providing value-added service to their client. We are a full service and storage location company. Depending on the move and the volume of your control, it can be estimated with the packing material and insurance is required. With our global reach and experts, people will trust Agarwal Packers and Movers to listen and fulfill their unique needs and deliver relocations every day.

Moving to a new city with Agarwal Packers and Movers

Coming from a small town to a big city can be a task. It is a hurdle, and there will be a lot of changes to shift into a big metropolitan city. If you are going to a new city, away from your family and that is going to be tough. Agarwal packers and movers are the best for relocating your own home to a new city. We will except moving to a new city is where you have to live without your neighbors, relatives, and other family members. Millions of people want to move to a new city. After shifting with Agarwal Company, we will find a house in the new city, also we will help in searching for the school, and other nearby shops for buying food items.

Our team will carefully pack all the items and get them transported safely to the client’s destination. We also have the car containers for shifting all your vehicles. Some of the services are trucking cube, LED Box, Perfect Box, Fabric sheet, plant carrier, and Bike stand. Moving to a new city contains all types of shifting services like household moving, domestic moving, international moving, corporate moving, warehouse, and storage. We will provide moving to corporate, consumers, and government companies. The team members in our company are dedicated and hardworking towards their work.

Moreover, Agarwal Packers and Movers has entered into the Limca Book of Records with the distinction of launching a new concept vehicle called CHAPP VAN-for shifting cars, household, artifacts, plants, and pets. It is one of the largest private-sector integrated logistics in India. The three factors to exist in today’s market are quality, competitive price and execution of time for the relocation process. We will provide relocation of low rates with excellent quality. Agarwal packers and movers Hyderabad will offer you convenient and complete relocation with packing and moving assistance, housing assistance, and school support.

After relocating, the best way to adjust to a new city is to adjust to the people. We will help you in adjusting to the new city and new people. We will search for the restaurants, bus-stops, and clinics for your children. Don’t overthink settling in because you will be fine. Keep in contact with your beloved ones and your family members. Finally, we will help you with a lot of services like moving to a new city, and moving across the country and this company is the best in relocation.

Original Agarwal Packers & Movers in Indore


At the point when you listen about the word ‘Relocation’ what things strike in your mind? As the name itself suggests, it is to change from one to another location, which is capable of fulfilling your desires related to a professional or academic career. It is connected straightforwardly to the assortment and packing of goods/products that your home contains. This is one of the most pivotal parts when you need to move because without this no relocation is successful.  The assurance for appropriate packing of things or goods is the demand of each individual what they look for during the move.  These all the things can be affirmed by well-experienced movers and packers who help in giving the services in the most ideal manner. The appropriate packing material helps to offer safe and secure relocation from one door then onto the next. In this manner, it has now become the major concern for most of the people.

Original Agarwal Packers and Movers
Original Agarwal Packers and Movers

Suppose! If you hire some other Agarwal packer like and they come for a survey, they also do packing in somehow, and how will you feel if they do not reach your designated place during moving. Yes! Nowadays this business is growing a lot; there are many companies that carry out this Farziwada! We get to see this news daily in newspapers or on television! The way of work these fraud moving companies is totally different. To carry out this work, these fraud moving companies create fake websites, fake addresses, fake phone numbers, and fake offices! Very cleverly they trap the innocent customer, and later demand extra money from them, in the name of ABC tax. If the customer does not give them the money, then they run away taking all the customer’s belongings. We need to understand and avoid these fraud packers and movers companies today! We will never want you to ever fall for such Beware of fraud packers and movers company. Come! Let us tell you some important things to avoid such a fake moving company in Indore.

â—†Check the Authenticity and Reviews

 ◆Company Ratings on Reference Portals

◆Make a visit to the company’s office

â—†Clarify any doubts

â—†Make a written agreement

â—†No extra charges

â—†Adequate Experience

â—†Required Infrastructure

Let me tell you that there are many fake Agarwal packers in the market who cheat the customer using the name of Agarwal packers. Today we need to choose the original Agarwal packers! It is the original Agarwal packers that who delivers your all valuable possessions to the right location and right place. Come! We tell you what the identity of original Agarwal packers and movers in.

Total 35 years of experience in the business of packing and moving!

A Proper website-

A physical address Head office in Hyderabad – Kabra Complex, 220 MG Road, Hyderabad

A unique logo image – A Muscat image

A unique company logo – DRS logo

The appropriate contact number – 9360014001.

 In Indore Branch office Address:

Agarwal Packers and Movers Indore
172, scheme no 114,AB Road,Vijay Nagar Part -1,
Nearby Mahindra showroom,opposite SBI bank, Dewas Naka Indore 452010


a large metropolis and the commercial capital of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, we have a distinct identity in the subject of packing and moving services. So! Whenever you feel the need for packing and moving, we the original packers and movers in Indore will always be at your service.


How to Protect Floors & Carpets when Moving

Moving can be amazingly unpleasant which is the reason it is imperative to keep a checklist of all that you may require on moving day. One thing that is regularly overlooked is floor protection, how will you protect your floors from damage or dirt? It’s true that many van lines will give floor protection, but do-it-without anyone’s help moves are a totally unique story.

At the end of the day, you want to do when moving out of your elderly home and into a new one is to harm one — or both — sets of floors and carpets decorations. However, avoiding floor damage is very easy. When hiring movers and packers to load or unload the task of protecting the floors is usually yours. To help you adequately prepare flooring we have outlined some preventative maintenance tips.

On your moving day checklist, make sure you have a list of precautions you’re going to take to protect your floors. These should involve covering your carpets with floor runners, ensuring that everyone has shoe covers and that any other equipment you have is prepared.

When it comes to big and bulky items, create a game plan on how to move them safely while also keeping your floors in mind. Dragging these heavy items is out of the question, so what types of equipment (like dollies?) and what kind of help will you need to safely maneuver items like dining room tables or large dressers or bed frames? If you’ve got a giant foosball table (and who doesn’t?) then how are you going to keep it from tipping over and impaling the floor in the process? This is where furniture blankets and lots of duct tape can come in handy.

In some cases, you may need to dismantle these large items in order to safely move them. Make sure you keep an electric screwdriver handy if this is the case (and don’t accidentally pack it!)

Protecting your floors is just one step in a long process to move into another home, sweet home. Make sure that once you’re moved in, you’ll be able to unwind knowing you’re all set with your cable, Internet, and smart home packages.

New Year, New Home! Tips to Getting Ready for a Move in 2020

The holidays might have you hustling bustling about with dinner plans, shopping and all that. But, if you have envisioned moving to a new home in your better future, you might want to fit in a few things on your list. With the New Year comes a dream of a new home. If you and your family have planned a move in 2020, you’re in luck. Today, we the Agarwal Packers and Movers are highlighting a few tips and to-do’s you should start doing now to help ensure a smooth moving the transition next year 2020.

â—† Start a Calendar of Goals: You probably won’t be prepared to move right now, but if you have a general thought of when you plan to find, buy, and move into your new home, get a moving calendar together. Even if your dates are undecided, starting your checklists now with specific goals for projects before you move can help spread out the tasks in a manageable timeline. It will also keep you focused on goals to avoid being overwhelmed at the last moment of moving time.

â—† Decorating for the Holidays & Decluttering as You go: In decorating your current home for the special holidays, give additional consideration to any things that may be prepared for packing as you go. You can avoid having to move items more than once by cleaning up now and packing up what you might not need until some other time. As you come across things you no longer want, consider donating or selling them now. There’s no need to worry about moving things you can part with. When it’s officially time to move into your new home next year, you’ll feel more organized, knowing you’re only handling the pieces that matter most.

â—† Recognize Seasonal Maintenance Projects: Over the next few weeks and early you move, pay special attention to those little maintenance ventures. A loose railing, creaky door hinges, or a missing downspout are quick, easy fixes you can handle now. They’ll also be marked your list when it comes time to sell your home. If selling your current home is a prerequisite for moving into your new home, taking care of maintenance issues or projects now means a clean home inspection for future buyers later.

The New Year brings resolutions and new beginnings of life. If your new beginning involves a new home of your dreams, planning now can make it a smooth transition later. Start by organizing your things and fixing those maintenance problems around your house. Pack up what you don’t need and cleanout where you can.


Things You Need to Do Before Unpacking

Once you reach your new home, you still have many tasks and work ahead of you that need to be looked after. The major challenge, however, is unpacking. Some people find unpacking to be a fun activity, while some feel that it is a time-consuming and tedious process. Whatever your thoughts may be regarding unpacking, there are a few things you need to keep that in mind before you start unpacking your possessions.

◆ Take photographs of the new home:  It is always a good idea to take photographs of your new home before you move in and unpack your things. It is very useful especially if your new home is a rented or leased property. Taking snapshots of the house before unpacking allows you to monitor if the house is in good condition. We can refer to these photographs later if we decide to move to a new place. It will help us determine if any part of the house is damaged during your stay and allow you to make the necessary repairs before you move out.

â—† Replace old locks with new ones: Safety is a major concern when you move someplace new, especially if your new house is a rented property. It is essential that you replace all the old locks with new ones. This will ensure that your new home is safe for your family.

◆ Remove all packing debris: Once all the household shifting goods are unpacked, you will be left with a lot of debris from all the packing boxes. It is important that you clear this debris as soon as possible so that it doesn’t harm anyone. The house can be cleaned and made dust-free.

â—† Hire a handyman to fix things: Many of your items such as sofas, beds, tables, etc. might have been dismantled during the relocation process. Reassembling these items can be difficult without professional help. These services may not be part of the standard offering of a moving company. However, many of the moving companies may offer handyman services as an additional service. Hence, it is better to avail of such services or have a handyman to fix these items. A handyman can also take a look at the house and fix anything that requires tweaking or repairing.

Following these basic steps can helpful far in the unpacking process. Quick and efficient unpacking will help us get settled and comfortable in our new home in very little time.