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There are many packers and movers near you, but Agarwal packers and movers are the cheap and best. It is a very tough project that you can’t take care by yourself. So you should offer this to relocating people. This shifting is time taking and risky. Nowadays people’s life has become fast, and people have only a little time for arranging and packing the goods when they are planning to relocate from one place to another. Moving is one of the most, tired experience for anyone. It can be of a residential or commercial move.

Household shifting is the shifting of goods from the old address to the new address. There are a variety of services included in this process like loading, packing, moving, arranging and finally delivering. So it is very easy to hire this type of professional packers and movers. But it had so many risks while relocating. It will safely relocate your goods without having any damage. They will pack your materials with a high quality material and deliver to your location.

Are you looking for genuine packers and movers?

Agarwal is the best genuine packers and movers all over India. It is best company for relocating goods. It had many branches all over India. It will relocate anywhere in the world. It will deliver the items without any delay. They are very responsible towards the customers. They are talking very politely with the customers. This company has a good reputation in the market in shifting process. It is cheap, reliable and affordable in relocating the household items.

So you can trust this company in relocating for your international and corporate shifting process. They will always offer the high quality house shifting services at affordable prices. Meanwhile, it has many years of experience in shifting process. So, it is the best relocating company throughout India.

Agarwal Packers and Movers is the best packers and movers for house shifting all over India as well as International Shifting Also.

Beware of Fake Agarwal Packers and movers

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DRS Dilip Road lines Ltd ( makes a strong debut on NSE-Emerge

About the Company:

DRS Dilip Road lines Ltd is engaged in the business of providing high quality logistics services including transportation, packing & moving and renting of warehouses.

Company is surface transporter and provide only goods transportation services. They provide Full truck loaded ‘FTL’ services to all their customers for transporting goods.

Company also owns warehouses in South India. They have currently rented their warehouses to some of the major Corporates. Company has tie ups with some of the major corporate houses for their transporting services.

Company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company for providing Quality Management System in the field of Packers, Movers and Logistics.

As on July 15, 2018, they operate and own a fleet of 327 trucks in the name of the Company and have capacity to hire 649 vehicles.

Agarwal Packers and Movers (Brand Name)

Company’s packing and moving business is carried under brand name of ‘Agarwal Packers and Movers’ which has become renowned name in household relocation across the country. Further, the brand ‘Agarwal Packers and Movers’ is not owned by the Company. Also, it is used by their relatives.

“Agarwal Packers and Movers” tradename is with both families / groups and the dispute over the use of this tradename has not reached any conclusion. Hence, Company continues to operate the packing and moving business under the brand Agarwal Packers and Movers.

Company’s Business Verticals:

• Transportation Services.
• Packers and movers.
• Renting of Warehouses.

Company’s Revenue from Operations: (FY 2018)

  • 35.16% from Household Services.
  • 62.26% from Commercial Services.
  • 2.58% from Warehouse Renting Services.


For packing and moving services Company owns composite container vehicle specially designed to suit the household shifting called ‘CHAPP VAN’ (Car, Households, Artifacts, Plants and Pets).

This new-concept composite container vehicle supports transport of Car, Household, Artifacts, Plants and Pets all in one i.e. there is space demarcated for each and every item and ensures better safety and ease of handling varied items.

There is also provision for one person to travel with the vehicle, in case the customer so desires. Our brand Agarwal Packers and Movers (DRS Group) has been recognized by Limca Books of Records, for CHAPP VAN.

Company entered the World Book of Records for Conceptualizing Innovative Van Design for Household Shifting in 2018.

PAN India Presence:

Company is an established name in the transportation industry in India with over 9 years of operations.

They are a Pan-India surface logistics service provider and packers and movers.

Company’s operations from logistics and packing & moving span across various states, covering all the regions across India. However,the Warehousing business is widely based in Southern India. Following are the regions where company has its presence:

pan india presence

Management Team:

  1. Mr. Dayanand Agarwal (Designation: Chairman & Managing Director)
  2. Mr. Sugan Chand Sharma (Designation: Whole Time Director)
  3. Mrs. Shamantha Dodla (Designation: Non Executive Director)

Positives for the Company:

Large fleet of owned vehicles.

As of July 15, 2018 our transportation fleet included 327 owned trucks comprising of open and closed trucks having different loading and carrying capacities.

Further, they have association with many third party transportation and equipment rental service providers thereby providing them access to the additional required trucks.

With easy access to such a large fleet of equipment, Company was able to take up and execute large orders and serve large sized companies. They have been regularly catering to some of the recognized MNC`s and Public Limited Companies throughout their business verticals.

Strong Customer Base:

Company has strong customer base. Company’s top 10 customers for the Financial Year 2017-18 include MRF Limited, Paragon Polymer Products Private Limited, ITC Limited, Canon India Private Limited, Jindal Fibres Private Limited, Avon Meters Private Limited, J.K. Tyres & Industries Limited, ITC Limited, Ultra Tech Cement Limited, Manav energy Private Limited.

How to do hassle free House Relocation?

House relocation means there is bound to be discomfort, anxiety and some tension. Because, while Relocation your House you do not have the luxury of time. You have to do lots of process like planning and preparation before deciding on the move. Here below some important points given here will help you in moving to your new place without much tension and anxiety.

Plan your move in advance

It is Emergency that you plan everything well in advance. Since you and your family members can only work during House hours it is Emergency that you fix deadlines for every stage of work. Ask your family to make lists of everything.

Time is critical

You have to ensure minimum time of House function as you can’t afford to compromise on product delivery and the productivity of your team for long. Thus make sure that the move is completed as fast as possible thus causing minimum disruption in House functioning.

Safety and security

There are a large number of items like – TV, Sofas, tables and chairs, electronic and other House furniture kitchen items etc that require extremely delicate and precise handling apart from safety and security concerns. The degree of caution required while transporting these goods remains the same whether you are Relocation within the city or outside.

Ensure proper labeling and storage

Proper labeling with kitchen, bedroom and storage items etc will easy unpacking at the new location. While the actual packing will be done by the relocation it is advisable to involve your family members in the process as they can ensure that the packing is being done properly and nothing is left behind.

Pinpoint which item is to be kept where

Make a detailed drawing of the new area and specify which item is to be kept where. Give one copy to the transporter and another to the House member responsible for the relocation. This will be of immense help while unpacking goods and save precious time and energy.

Move only when the new premises in ready

Ensure that your new House is ready for your family to start live as soon as they land in your new House and assemble their equipment. Make sure that the basic necessities of a House like electricity connection, water connection, internet etc are in place and washrooms are working before relocating. In case you have ordered new furniture this should also be in place.

Hire a good Professional packer and mover

Hire a transporter who is experienced in commercial relocations. Before signing the contract check if he is capable of carrying out the tasks specific to your House.

Agarwal Packers and Movers is Perfect Mover for your house relocation

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